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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Good morning footboys.

Good morning my footlovers!

How are we all?  I trust you are being very naughty and dreaming of my toes rubbing up against that hard pole of yours?

Now I just want to let you know that tributes to my PayPal account are due now at;

So donate, and I just may send you some lovely pics in glorious colour of my feet.  You would love that, I know.

I'll just post a quick pic here to keep you interested.

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Grab your Iphone and get them now.  (see PayPal details above.)

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Chat soon.   xxx FF

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Back from my revels over Christmas, New Year and beyond to now...



I do apologise for not blogging to you, my foot lovers, before now.

But I was away on a cruise over the Christmas period, and then swanned around Brisbane for a while during the beginning of January.  Then I visited some pals in country NSW for a few weeks and time just flew.

So that's my excuses and I'm sticking to them...

My time away was all good, and I met some old and new footboys along the way.

My lips are sealed as to what went on, but as I know you all have very active imaginations, you can guess the rest...

Now, what did you bad boys get up to while I was away?

While looking around the net at some feet images I found these below...

Now I just found this pic with those wrinkled soles and sexy jewelry.  Wow!

Now, I was reading something interesting the other day...  Apparently, the ladies of the night in the 1600s used to wear embroidered shoes with roses being the main theme.  This was due to the rose being a visual clue to the vagina.  Who would have thought!?

Well, I'll never look at my rose covered summer dress in the same way...  

Oh, by the way, one of my gal pals has just published a fashion app in the Google play store; 

Its called 'That's my color' and it gives you a palette of 27 colours tailored just for you - never be seen wearing a hue that's not you!  

It costs just AU$1.99 and is worth every cent - and it is for men and women.

Now footboys; I have some hot news:  

I shall NOT be posting anymore via this blog site as I am writing my life story!

Its called 'CONFESSIONS OF A FOOT MISTRESS'   (Catchy, eh?)  and I am hoping to publish online with either Tablo or Kobo e-publishers in a few months time.

I will be going into lots more details, revealing my dealings with a well-known Soviet spy, and how certain UK Government departments got wind of this.   Names will be changed to protect the guilty!

Will it be illustrated with my lovely feet?  Yes - if the publishers are happy to go with it.

How much will this vital foot worshippers book cost?   Not sure yet; probably about AU$10 - but I have to see what percentage the e-publishers want and work around that.

Now some of you who visit me online will wonder why I have stopped working 'live' from my account?  

I am so sorry my lovely regular followers, and you know who you are, but the US agency that converted my US$ earnings into AU$ and then into my St George Bank a.c here decided to hike their fee for this service from $3.00 to $15.00.  

Just for pushing a few keys on a keyboard?  Outrageous!

So I gave them the finger and told Camlive why I was leaving them after 3 years.     But to be fair, it was fun, and I met a lot of wacky & wonderful footboys, but $15 was often all I would earn on a slow morning as webcam lady.

So onto horizons new as I wear my new hat:  'Author'.

More details coming soon.

If you have any feedback, tips or ideas, please contact me via FetLife (fififoxfoot)
or message my gmail address below:

and my twitter handle is

@Fifi Foxfoot

Kisses!  FF

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Conversations after midnight yield some surprises...

Hello my footboys;

I'm back!

Feeling in better health this week, and was on the cam twice last week, as luck would have it.  (see link below).

Apologies for not posting this ep.  out sooner than today, sometimes life gets in the way of my best intentions.

Please come and say hello, and let me get acquainted with some of my blog readers.

OK: onwards and upwards...

I know you bad boys want to look at some lovely feet before we get started on this week's adventures.

Henna tattoo on lovely feet!  Found this image last week and wanted to share 
with my footboys...

Nice tatt!  Nice feet too!

Oooh, err...  I bet, dear reader, that you know what would
go really well between those lovely soles?

Now, after the last blog's startling revelations that Tom Randler had been a lover of Zoe,  you can imagine my shock at hearing this.

I sat back down trying not to seem amazed at this news.

Looking down at my attire, I realised that I needed to change clothes.

'Could you please make me a tiny whiskey and soda, Rob?' I whispered, 'I just need to change...'

Emerging from the bathroom a few minutes later, dressed back in my black corset and heels, I was greeted with Rob holding a whiskey glass.

'Here, Fee, drink this...'   he urged.

I grabbed the glass and sat down next to him.  

Mulling over what he had just told me I asked 'Oh Rob, how did you find this out..' I whispered. 

Then my mind clicked into gear and I asked 'But when did you find out?'

Rob, now realising that I was putting two and two together just held his head back and laughed.

Sipping on my drink, he continued...

'Ah, Fifi, there is that steel trap mind of yours working at maximum speed again.' 

He lay back amid the velvet cushions and ran his fingers through his hair.   

'Well, of course, the fact that he had been with Zoe was a reason to dislike him.  And, to answer your question about when,  it wasn't until we met at Cambridge as young men that his relationship with Zoe came to light.  We were both in our 20s then, I was in the same year as Tom, studying commerce.  He was doing law but switched after a few terms.  

'We had both joined one of the many wine groups at Cambridge, and after one very long boozy dinner, and several bottles of good claret wine had been consumed that we started talking.  We were sat there in the student bar, just the two of us, in a private corner.  

'No one could hear us, and I think that made Tom let down his guard just a bit.  Or perhaps it was my constant refilling of his glass.  Who knows? But I knew he had a fetish for something,  maybe 'it takes one to know one' as the phrase goes...

Rob settled himself more comfortably on the sofa and went on.

'After a few drinks we got talking.  I asked him what turned him on, and I was amazed to hear that he and I were both on the same page: ladies feet.   Laughing like schoolboys, we swapped stories.  He told me about an old girlfriend who could do things to his penis with her feet, and I told him of the brothels in Berlin I had visited that specialised in fetish, kinks and foot lovers.  I kept filling his glass, and the time rolled by.

'Suddenly, Tom slurred in my ear 'Would you like to see the woman whose feet turned me on the most?'

'Of course I agreed, and with a lot of fumbling in his back pocket for his wallet, Tom retrieved a pretty dog-eared tiny photo.  As he handed it to me to view, I could feel my eyes bulging out of their sockets at what I was looking at...

I interjected at this stage, 'Let me guess Rob, was it Zoe?'

Rob turned to me and patted my knee.  'That's my girl!  Always one step ahead!  And yes it was the lovely Zoe, just a head shot of her in a summer dress.   I asked Tom her name and he said 'Zoe, and she's just bloody fantastic...'   and I handed the photo back to him.   

'Now, of course, over the next hour or so I asked him to tell me all about her, and what they got up to. And Tom kindly obliged.  He met her the year before I did, on the beach.  She was alone and he asked her for directions to the local shop, just so he could chat her up.  The bastard!  But it takes two to tango and of course, Zoe seeing a handsome young man before her was not slow to take advantage.

He spent lots of time with her before I came down for that summer.  Luckily her husband was away still working in the City and she could do what she liked.   

It turns out our Tom was more than just into feet, oh no, he was a stocking lover to boot! And Zoe was keen to pander to his needs.  

He told me how she would dress up in stockings and suspenders for him and then when his cock started bulging at the sight of her stockinged feet, she would wrap her feet around his massive erection and rub him silly until he spurted over her feet.   How I kept myself from punching him that night I have no idea.   But I kept cool and let him ramble.

Not Zoe and Tom but you get the point!

'After that night, I never socialised with him again.  I was too worried he would start talking again about Zoe and I would lose it.

'But you know Fifi, the world works in mysterious ways.   After a few years, I had built up my business and was very rich.  

'One day I saw in the local financial papers that Tom's business was in trouble and I put in a hostile takeover.  I won that take-over and he has never forgiven me.

'Of course I kept quiet about the link between Zoe and Tom and myself.   So there you have it - why Tom Randler and myself are such enemies....'

Rob looked at this watch. 'Oh Fee, it's almost 2 am! I am so sorry for rambling on like this.  You must be tired hearing an old fool like me prattle on...'

'God no, Rob, I find the whole thing amazing.'  I got up off the sofa and gathered my big bag with my props in and threw my cape over my shoulders.   

Rob stood up and came over to open the door for me.  As I stood there, he planted a kiss on my cheek.  

'Thanks for listening to me.  And I so enjoyed our little role play...'

'My pleasure Rob, I'll see you over breakfast...'  and I left his room.

Now, dear reader, I have to leave this episode here.

Let me tell you this, though.  The next day the boys and I left Tom's mansion and headed back to London.

Where we had lots more adventures in the foot dom world.

But that will have to wait until next time...

Now, my footboys,  I shall be away for a few weeks on holiday and I hope to have another exciting ep of this blog out around the 28th November.    Follow me and make sure you get the new eps.  And tell all your friends...  

xxx  Fifi


Monday, 19 October 2015

Who would have thought a pair of silver sandals could work such magic?


Fifi here again,  but sadly my lack of energy over the last week has kept me from appearing on my usual Friday morning gig, and that is why this post is a bit late getting published.

So for those of you that I see regularly, I do apologise.  I am hoping to be 'back in the saddle' next week.

Now I think I was getting my readers all hot and bothered by what happened next with Rob? 

I know you want to know the rest of the story.  But first as normal, I like to start with a pic of my lovely feet, to get you in the mood.

Sexy thong, with bound feet.

painting the toe nails...  or having them painted for you by a slave.

My outfit was similar to this one...

Lace foot decoration...

I have worn these with clients and I love this flower style...

Now where was I?  Oh yes, I was playing Zoe, the 'cougar' who got young Rob into the foot loving world back in the day.

He was giving me a foot massage, and very nice it was too.

One thing kept running around my head though after all this evening's excitement.  Would I be able to become that lady,  that huge influence on his sex life?  Ah well, I just gritted my teeth and carried on.

Mmm, that feels amazing, Zoe, my cock is getting so hard...'

'Aye, aye', I thought, 'here we go...'  and in a very sexy voice I said, 'Rob I think you need to come and kneel in front of me...'

In a flash Rob duly obeyed.

I could see by the bulge in the front of his jeans shorts he was wearing that his cock was straining at the zip.   Time to let the beast free!  

I slowly ran my right foot which was now free of its beautiful silver sandal, up and down his crotch.  

He slowly threw his head back and just said 'Ohhhhh' in a half whisper.

My left foot came to join the right and I began a slow massage of his hard cock with my two feet.  He was moaning in ecstasy at this point.

I had sneakily left my bag at the side of the sofa and I was able to quickly extract the lube from it, flip the top open and shoot a well-aimed stream over my hard working feet.  Again, more moans came from Rob.

I quickened the pace:  but not at a fast rate, oh no, I wanted Rob to be spellbound by this whole re-creation fantasy that we were doing.

My feet were arched to that the whole effect of my wonderful wrinkled soles would work their magic.  Rob's face was sweating.   His chest was heaving with his breathing coming faster.

'Oh my God, Zoe, don't stop!' he panted.  I knew the money shot was not far away.

'Oh Rob, you are such a bad boy!' I purred at him 'I've never done this before to a young boy's hard cock...'  

My feet now were working like two pistons with lube glinting on them from the side lamps.  I worked them harder.

'Ahhh, oooh, yes, yes!' said Rob, as a stream of pearly cum streamed out of his rock hard member and over my feet and ankles.

'That's it, Rob darling, come onto my feet, I want every drop out of you...' and as the last drop of pearl jam came out, Rob collapsed backwards onto the Persian rug, panting like a marathon runner.

'Oh Zoe, that was amazing!  You are such a turn on to a young lad like me...'

I again went into my bag of tricks and removed a packet of baby wipes.   I was just about to open them, when Rob said, 'No!  I want to get a photo of this wonderful sight.  Stay still.' and he slowly got to his feet and went into the wardrobe and came back with a small compact camera with a built-in flash.

'That's it, Zoe, hold those feet up in the air so I can get a close-up...' and the camera flashed.   He took a few more shots from different angles and then put the camera away.

'Now, we have to do the second part...' said Rob.  'I'll lay on the floor, you take off your shorts and panties and I'll lick you out...'

Now, dear reader, you will appreciate my dilemma here?  I am a foot mistress of high regard, and the first thing I was told back when I started this job, (see my earlier posts) was never, ever have any kind of sex with the client. And no matter how much money Rob had paid for this encounter that was the way it was.

'Err, Rob, I think I may have to pass on that...' I whispered slowly.   I stared at him straight in the face, so he realised I was serious.

His face was a mask of disappointment...

When he turned his face to me again, there were tears in his eyes.  

'But Fifi...' (for he now had jumped out of the role play, much to my surprise) 'you have to!  Zoe made me lick her out, and that's what I want you to do now.  Please, it would be such a great ending to this fantastic re-enactment that we have done here tonight...'

I sat on the sofa and sighed.  'Rob, you have to understand, for my reputation, I can't! You know a foot mistress never gets into any pussy situations with her clients... I'm sorry, I hope you understand...'

Rob sat down next to me and began stroking my shoulder.  'Please Fifi, please...' he whispered.  

This was becoming a worrying situation.  I stood up and said, 'Rob I have had the most amazing time tonight with you, but I have to go and get changed out of this blouse and shorts and back into my corset.  It's been a long night and I think I need a few hours of sleep...'

As I stepped away from the sofa towards the bathroom to change, Rob stood up and said 

'If its more money you want, just tell me how much.  I have it you know since I sold my company last year to Tom Randler,  I'm quite a rich man...'

Oh, this was a bit of interesting news...

I stopped and turned to Rob. 'You sold your company to him?  Why? I thought you two hated each other's guts...'   

Now, dear reader, I was again breaking a rule here, as it was none of my business what my clients got up to, but after Tom's previous session with me, my curiosity was roused.

I'd read the financial papers over the last few years.   I was thinking of buying shares with my new found riches but decided on a house as it turned out...  

Rob sat down again.   

'I shouldn't be telling you this.  I signed a secrecy deal with him, but you've got me in such an odd frame of mind Fifi, that I feel I have to let you know my little secret...'

Realising that something big may be about to come from Rob, I sat down next to him on the sofa.

'What secret is that Rob?'  I asked cautiously 'is it something you want to talk about...'

'You know that there is a rivalry between us that has been going on for years in the business world? he whispered.

I nodded.

'But no one knows why.  Well, lots of people think its that we both were bidding on the same companies in the past, and I always won.  But it not that.  Its something much more personal...'

Again I nodded 'Please go on...' I said.

He looked a bit awkward.  'Well, it's very simple really... Back when Zoe had her wicked way with me, Tom Randler was Zoe's lover...

And on that explosive bit of news I shall leave you now.

Stay tuned for next ep. next week.




Sunday, 11 October 2015

Fifi does things in those sexy silver sandals...


Apologies for the late send out of this blog episode, I have been in my sick bed with a nasty virus, that induced severe vomiting and I've just got back to normal now....  

Fifi your foot mistress here.

Now I have a link to share with you.  This is my link to my streamate model site where you can find me most Friday mornings;  I hope to see you there.

Now, where was I when I left you all last time?  Rob Lee had told me about how he became a footboy at an early age, due to a sexy neighbour and had presented me with a copy of the shoes that sexy lady (Zoe) had been wearing all those years ago.

Now before we get started, a quick pic of some lovely feet in stockings may cheer you all up.

I do love a red heel!  

Now Rob had just given me the silver sandals and I was trying to get them on.

One more pic b4 we start....

black stockings...

As Rob took my foot in his hands and adjusted the straps on those sandals, he took my right foot to his mouth and gently kissed it.

'Will you allow me to call you Zoe, tonight Fifi? It would make me so happy if you would?'

Now considering that this kind man had deposited a large sum of cash with my two managers, I could hardly say no.  Heck, he could call me anything he wanted!   

'Of course Rob, that's fine,' I replied, 'would you like me to call you anything special?'

Holding the other sandal for my left foot in his hand he stopped and looked up at the ceiling, pondering this request.  After a minute had passed he said 'No, I think just Rob would be OK. I'm not sure if Zoe did call me anything that day, now I think about it...'   He shrugged and continued doing up the other shoe.

'There you go...' he said, 'can you walk up and down in them so I can see how they look?'

'Of course' I replied, and stood up...   Now, of course, my black lace corset was not going to go at all with these shoes, and as I walked along the rug in front of the fireplace, Rob's face realised the sad fact too.

'Mmmm' he said, 'Hang on there a mo, I've got something in my suitcase that I think could help...' and opening the wardrobe he took out a huge leather suitcase.  Flinging it on the bed and opening it, he grabbed a Harrods shopping bag and thrust it towards me.  'These will be just the job for those shoes.'

Well, dear reader, you will have guessed what was in the bag?  

I had already and was proven right when I opened the bag, and inside was a pair of pink shorts size 8 and a white blouse size 10.  It was what was needed to make the transformation of Fifi into Zoe, complete.   

'Wow, Rob, you have really gone to a lot of trouble...' I stammered.  I was worried now that his fantasy re-enactment would not match the reality of it, here - with me.  

Rushing into the bathroom to change I took some deep breaths to calm me down.  I just prayed he didn't have a script to go with everything else; I had done some other role playing and missing out a word or not saying something in the right tone meant jumping out of character and having to start again.  A complete pain in the arse I might add.  

As I buttoned up the white blouse and let down my hair, I realised that Rob was not like that and all would be well.

I gingerly adjusted the pink shorts, I left the bathroom.  

'Oh Fifi, you look wonderful...' said Rob.   

'OK'  I thought, 'I'm still Fifi! When do I become Zoe??'

Deciding to take charge, I asked, 'OK Rob where do you want me to start?  Over by the door?'

'Oh bless you, Fifi! But I must change clothes too, I have a pair of cut off jeans here' and he held them up 'just let me change and we can begin...'  and he went into the bathroom.

He emerged about a minute later wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a smile.

'OK - let's start shall we?  Rob said as he strode towards me, 'Now if you sit on the sofa, as Zoe, I'll pretend to come into your house, and you have to seduce me with your feet... How does that sound?'

'Yeah, fine...'  

'Wonderful.  I'll get in position'  he said and strode to the door.

'OK Fifi, here we go - Knock, knock, Zoe are you home?' said  Rob in a somewhat strangled tone of voice.  I think he was trying to sound like a teenager again?  Who knew?  I just went along with it all...

'Yes, Rob, come in, I'm in the lounge.'  I said as off hand as I could for a 'cougar' from the 1970s.

'Oh hi Zoe, did you want me to move some deck chairs outside for you?'

'Yes... I'm here in the lounge, come and have a cool drink, it's very hot outside today...' I sang out.

(I was totally winging it here, as I was thinking back to my own youth and how on a hot Aussie day my mum would insist I kept hydrated.)

Rob duly came over to the sofa and sat down next to me.

'No thanks, I just had a glass of water at home...'

Suddenly it occurred to me that a script may have been a good idea after all.

I took a deep breath and continued.

'Oooh Rob, did I show you these new sandals I bought the other day?'  I decided to plunge right in and put my left foot onto Rob's knee so he could admire my foot.

'Wow Zoe, those sandals are just heavenly! May I touch your foot?'

'Of course you can Rob, you are such a sweet boy with lovely manners.'

Rob gently took my sandalled foot and began stroking it.

'Thank you.' 

'Now Rob, my feet are feeling a bit tired at the moment, would you be a darling, and give my foot a bit of a massage?'

Rob's face lit up with a huge smile, and he gently removed the sandal, placed it on the coffee table and began to slowly stroke my foot up and down.

'That feels sooo nice, Rob.' I said, 'can you massage behind my toes, I love having my toes massaged...'

Rob duly obliged.

After a minute or two, and not sure how fast or slow to take the proceedings, I whispered, 'How does that feel Rob?'

'Mmm, that feels amazing, Zoe, my cock is getting so hard...'

'Aye, aye', I thought, 'here we go...'

And I am going to have to leave it there...

I'll finish the story off next week...

big kisses

Fifi xxxx

@Fifi Foxfoot   

Saturday, 26 September 2015

What did Rob and Zoe get up to that summer?


Fifi at the helm -   with the continuing story of my adventures as a foot mistress.

I was on today as the_foot_lady and has some lovely foot sessions with some of you fab footboys reading my blog.  Many thanks for your kind comments and I should be back on cam next Friday around 10.30 a.m. so if you are free,  come and say hello.  You know you want to.

I am still spruiking the delights of this fashion app called 'Thats my Color' which is only $1.99 in the Google Play store.  (An Apple version is coming soon.)   Never wear the wrong colour again, and hear those compliments coming in. It's like having your own stylist in your pocket.  (For men and women.)

Now I know my readers expect and want a quick pic of a pair of beautiful feet before I get started on my adventures in the old days?  Not my feet as I need to take some more pics with some new shoes I recently purchased.  Stay tuned for those!

Very pretty feet...

Now where was I?  Where did I end that story that Rob Lee was telling me?

Oh yes, I was sitting on the sofa in the very girly room Rob had been made to stay in back at the big weekend at that country mansion.

Rob was telling me how he became a footboy.   

(Please see my last post for those of you who have just joined).

'Now, Fifi, I was just a young lad of 18 then, and Zoe was about 30 I would say?  She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  As I sat there in her kitchen drinking that beer, I felt like the luckiest boy in the world...'   He sipped his drink.  'And she knew I was looking at her feet, and the rest of her.  Suddenly Zoe stood up. She was wearing a pair of pink shorts with a white blouse and,  of course, those silver sandals.

White blouse, pink shorts...

'Zoe faced me and put her foot onto my thigh.  I could feel my eyes leering at the pretty foot.  And I could feel my face get hot. The bulge in my cut of Levi jeans shorts was starting to show, I was sure of it.  

'She looked at me and said slowly 'take hold of my foot and kiss it...'  Well, I put down my beer, and slowly lifted her foot to my lips, like it was a delicate flower, and began to kiss it.   Fifi, I nearly died! Zoe moaned in pleasure, as I continued along the length of her foot.  'Oh Rob, that feels so good' she said, 'Now lick my toes for me...' as she removed her foot from my grasp and took off that sandal, returning that lovely painted toe delight to me to lick.  I duly obeyed.  Much to Zoe's delight.  But of course we were in a tricky position here in the kitchen.  So after a few seconds, Zoe took my hand and led me into the lounge, and sat on the velvet sofa.  She motioned for me to get onto my knees and continue licking her foot.  As I began to kneel down, she removed the other sandal, and both feet were there for me to do my work on.   My cock was straining against the fabric of my shorts and I was worried about her seeing it, but the thrill I was feeling spurred me on.    

'Of course she knew I was having trouble hiding this erection.  I licked and sucked her toes like mad, and Zoe was moaning and groaning.      She said 'Stop Rob.' and I did and looked at her, panting.    'Take off your shorts, and show me that hard cock of yours...' she whispered.  Crazy with lust, I duly obeyed.    I had a whopper erection.   'Get back on your knees Rob.' she moaned and as I assumed that position facing her on the sofa, she reached to a side table near the sofa, and grabbed a bottle of hand cream.  Smearing some of it over her toes, she proceeded to grab my hard cock with her feet, and slowly massage it.  After about a minute she increased the pace.

Not quite Zoe, but you get the idea!

I was breathing very hard now and trying hard not to come.  Her feet worked up and down my cock with master strokes.  She laughed at my surprised look as my penis got even harder.  Zoe knew I was about to blow my load.

'Spurt it onto my feet Rob, I want to feel your hot cum on my toes...'

 I'd never heard anyone talk dirty like that.  And, of course, it had the desired effect.

It was only about 30 secs later when I spurted over her feet, gasping and falling back onto the shagpile rug.

My ears were ringing with the sheer pleasure of it all.   I could hear Zoe moaning and a noise like she was standing up - when I opened my eyes, she was kneeling over me and kissing me.  'Oh I haven't finished with you yet, my boy...' she said slowly and she moved her knees up and her  shaved pussy was in my face.   'Do you know what a clitoris is, Rob?' she purred.    I shook my head.  

'Well its this little bit here...' She leant on one hand and pulled on her labia to show me.  I was agog.  'And I want you to lick it for me, so I can properly have an orgasm...  Can you do that for me'? she said...

Rob's face was sweating a bit with the recollection of this memory. 'Well Fifi, I did as she asked, I licked and licked, and with a bit of direction she was moaning in ecstasy...'

Rob stopped talking and looked at me - 'I'm sorry Fifi to go on with this story like this...' he said apologetically.

'No, no Rob, it's fine...'   I said, 'I was wondering how you became a footboy.'

'Well, now you know' he laughed.  'Now Fifi dear, I have something I want you to wear for me.'

He stood up once more and walked over to the wardrobe.  He reached in and brought out a shoe box and handed it to me.   

'I remembered that you were a size 35 and I had these specially made...'

The shoe box was shiny and black with gold lace paper around it.  I opened it carefully, resting it on my knees.  As I removed the inner tissue paper I could see a pair of silver jewelled sandals.   They were just amazing, and I guessed a copy of the ones that Zoe had been wearing all those years ago.

'Oh Rob, they are lovely!' I exclaimed as I removed one and held it in my hand.  'And you remembered my size.'    I reached down and removed my black stiletto shoe.  

Rob said, 'Allow me' and he reached down for my foot and slowly and carefully put the sandal onto my foot and did the strap up as the side of my ankle.   


Now, my foot slaves,  there's the cuckoo clock cheeping on the wall, which means its time for Fifi to go to bed!

I'll do my best and post another ep. next week.   I'll continue on with what happened with Rob in that room that night...   

Come and say hi on Twitter...   


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Sunday, 20 September 2015

I'm on the mend since my mishap - but what happened next in my adventures?

Hello, footboys!

Fifi here once more.  Sharing with you all the gloss and glamour from my old days as a foot mistress.

I've healed a bit since coming off the pushbike and was on last Friday. Check my schedule for my next appearance.  

Now,  before we get to go back in time for some hot foot action, I just want to share something with you.

I've just become an ambassador for a fabulous new fashion app.

It's called 'Thats my color' (Android) and is available now;  simply type in your hair, eye and skin colour and a palette of 27 colours will pop up uniquely tailored to you!  An IOS version will be out soon.  Check it out...

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Now,  before we get going, a quick pic maybe?

black heels, and thong...

Now as you will recall after my last post, I was still in the English country mansion of Tom Randler MP and had just finished a hot session with him. (see earlier post).

My next port of call that night was Rob Lee -  he was rich, charming, in very good shape for a man in his 40s and of course, a footboy. 

Sitting there in front of me, in those blue and white striped pajamas, he reminded me of something from an English stage farce.  The kind where everyone is running in and out of various bedrooms in various stages of undress, and strange bedfellows are made.  

But of course, this was a different situation and Rob was a refreshing change from Tom.

'Now Fifi', he sighed 'let me take you back a few years to when I was just a callow youth of 18 or so.'

He slowly sipped his drink.

'I was very naive at that age and had only just left school with the intention of getting into Oxford to study Law or Business.  I was living at home with my parents in Chelsea, but we had a summer holiday home in Cornwall, near Penzance.  During that summer, I had just turned 18 and my parents and I drove down to Cornwall ...  My older sister Rose stayed in London.'

He stood up and walked to the dresser to add some water to his glass.  He seemed nervous.  What on Earth was he going to tell me?

Rob sat back down on the sofa.

'Now at that age, I have to tell you, I was a virgin - yes, I know, hard to believe but I was so busy studying that I had no time for girls...'  He ran his hand through his thick grey hair.

'I understand, Rob, please go on.'   I said.

'Now we had some very nice next door neighbours, the Craigs.  Mrs. Craig -  Zoe, was a lovely woman and she was about 30 at this time and a fair bit younger that my own mother.  It was a very hot summer back then as I remember and Zoe was in the habit of wearing very pretty sundresses with jewelled sandals.

And she used to wear this amazing colour of pink nail varnish with them.  You can imagine the effect of them on a young lad like myself.  I was mesmerised by them - and Zoe knew it.'

Rob was looking wistful as he was telling me about this lady so long ago in his past.

'Oh, she was a looker that Zoe!  Fantastic figure and she liked to wear bikinis with thin kaftans over the top when we all used to walk to the beach nearby....  We had a barbeque one night at our house for the Craigs,  I was there wearing my cut-off Levi Jeans as shorts with a Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt and thought I was just so cool!'  He shook his head at the memory.  'Zoe arrived in a white and silver kaftan dress to just below her ankles.  It was low at the front and I could see her push-up bra under it. But when my eyes went to her feet, well, I nearly had to leave the garden area, as I was getting so aroused.  She had painted her toe nails silver and was wearing a pair of bejewelled silver sandals I had never seen before.  They were such a turn on!  Her husband had just had to return to the city to secure some big business deal and she'd decided to stay behind.  They had one son, but he was still at boarding school and was coming down later in the week.'

'Sounds good so far' I said and I put a cushion behind me to get comfy.  This story was going in a very interesting direction...

'Oh trust me, those shoes were amazing.  Anyways the night wore on and I had a beer or two before the BBQ dinner was served.  We had big BBQ table with two long benches along each side of it, it seated about five people each side.  As luck turned out after I sat down with a beer and a plate of food, Zoe sat opposite me.  I ate slowly, trying not to look at her breasts in that amazing outfit. She had long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and this great pink shimmering lipstick.

I was in heaven.   She smiled at me across the table, and said 'Cheers, Rob.' and raised her bottle to chink mine and then had a sip of her beer.   I could feel my face flush but managed to mumble 'Cheers' back to her and took a big swig of mine.

Suddenly I felt something rubbing up against my right leg.  Zoe's face was a mask of neutrality as she chatted to my mother who was seated next to her.    As I sat there the rubbing kept going and I realised that it had to be Zoe!   I grabbed my beer, swigged some more and quickly stood up.  I was worried any further contact from her would result in my getting a huge boner...'

'Wow Rob' I said 'she was keen on you then?'

'Oh yes, no doubt about it...  he said, 'But it's what happened the next day that was a huge turning point in my life.  It was another hot and sunny day and we had just come back from the beach, my parents and I in one car and Zoe in a yellow mini car she drove.   For some reason, my father had decided to have a cocktail party and needed to get some ingredients.   I didn't want to go into town and decided to finish reading the newspaper.  

My Dad called out to Zoe over the garden fence 'Zoe, can you look after Rob, we're just going to get some Martini ingredients in town?'  She replied 'Sure thing John, I'm not going out anywhere...'  and my parents took off in the old Morris they drove.

I was just sitting outside in the garden when Zoe's voice rang out over the fence.

'Rob, can you do me a favour and help me carry the deck chairs outside?'

Feeling very self-conscious as I was just wearing shorts, I made my way to her house next door.  She greeted me at the door, and Fifi, you know what she was wearing?'  he asked with a knowing look.

'Not those silver sandals?' I replied in a mock amazed voice.

'The very ones! said Rob, 'plus the silver kaftan, and a big spray of Chanel No. 5.  I could smell it on her as I walked past her and into the house.

'Come and sit down in the kitchen Rob, I'll get you a beer...' she purred.   I duly obeyed.  She opened the fridge and handed me a beer, and then she grabbed one for herself.

It was a hot day, about 25C and I was feeling the heat.  Of course, her standing next to me was making me even hotter...

She sat next to me and said in a whisper, 'I saw you looking at my feet the other night...'

I had just taken a swig of beer and it nearly choked me.  I felt my face flush bright red, and just looked at the floor.

Her cool hand lifted my chin and said 'Its OK if you like what you see...' and as I stared into those hypnotic green eyes of hers, I could feel the beer rushing to my head.'

Well footboys, that's where I am going to leave this weeks ep.

Tune in next week....

comments are welcome.

Fifi xxx